Care coordination is complicated. Your solution shouldn't be. 

Never before have providers faced such a difficult, yet promising challenge. Given the unpredictable nature of patient care, how do you deliberately manage patients and resources that are outside your four walls? The inevitable transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance has begun. Change is
guaranteed. Success is not.

Coordinate. Care.

PinpointCare is a secure, cloud-based platform, that connects all of a patient’s care providers. Our care coordination solution connects patients to their providers anywhere and at anytime, through workflow and communication tools. Using personalized care plans to chart a path to wellness, patients and providers can rise above the noise and focus on getting well.

With PinpointCare, we have gone from retrospective evaluation to
real-time management.

Who we serve

Purveyors of bundled payments and innovators in payment reform

As the new health economy begins to take shape, one thing is certain – physicians are being asked to take on more risk than ever. This shift creates enormous opportunity for physicians and provider groups that are able to manage the patient’s entire care continuum. Capitalizing on this opportunity is not possible, nor economically feasible, with traditional healthcare IT tools. PinpointCare helps physicians and provider groups take advantage of payment reform with an affordable, simple and elegant solution to manage and stay informed about every step in a patient's care.

Providers seeking dynamic tools for care coordination

Using PinpointCare, physicians and provider groups can engage patients in their care plan development and keep them activated in the care process. Our human-centered software design improves access to essential information and enables providers to easily collaborate with one another irrespective of disparate healthcare IT systems.

Patients seeking involvement in their care

Before PinpointCare, patients had no idea where they were going next, who was involved in their care and what was happening to them. Without a care plan, they were outsiders in their own health and wellness. PinpointCare gives patients a say in their care plan, allows them to participate in choosing their post-acute care venue and equips them to monitor their progress – an unprecedented level of transparency.

Dramatic outcomes start with dynamic care plans.

PinpointCare delivers real results:

  • 14% decrease in readmissions
  • 6 fewer days in SNF with post-acute care partners
  • 17% increase in patients initiating directly to Home Health
  • Approximately $1,000 saved per case

See how Illinois Bone & Joint
Institute uses PinpointCare.

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Configurable care plans

No two patients are identical in their situation, condition or needs. Create collaborative, personalized and proactive care plans for each patient with PinpointCare.

Streamlined communication

Communication is key. Healthcare provider collaboration during transitions of care and improved patient interaction across an entire episode of care is essential to keeping patients on-plan.

Intuitive user experience

Simple and efficient is best. Designed with the user in mind, PinpointCare puts the right information in the right place for the right clinician.


We are designers, developers, clinical experts, strategists and entrepreneurs with one goal in mind: to transform the healthcare experience for patients and providers.

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